Madrid is charming, addictive and dreamy to anyone that ever visits it. However, this lively city has witnessed all types of intriguing stories that fill its nights up with mystery and legends. There is surely nothing disturbing your sleep in your Génova 5 apartment, but in this post we will tell you some stories about Madrid’s most mysterious spots that will leave you breathless.

One of the most sinister anecdotes that happened in the capital, is the one related to Chueca’s House of the Seven Chimneys, a mansion built during the Spanish Golden Age, located at Plaza del Rey. Legend has it that the current Ministry of Culture headquarters have witnessed Elena’s apparitions… She was the daughter of Philip II’s hunter and she has appeared over the building’s roof, dressed in white, waiting for her husband, Captain Zapata, who died at the Dutch War of Independence. It should be noted that that is not the only legend known about this place…

Another one of Madrid’s most mysterious places is the Palace of Linares, also known as Casa de América, located nearby Plaza de Cibeles. This palace was home to a love story but also to the misfortunes that lead the Marquis of Linares and his wife to death. The story goes that the Marquis married unknowingly his illegitimate sister and they had a daughter, who they had to kill, despite being fruit of their love. It is said that the little girl is still playing around the palace.

Our next stop is Queen Sofía Museum, at the new underground station called Estación del Arte, since this building has also had its role on some other legends. Before being one of Madrid’s emblematic art museums, the building was a hospital whose patients were the people suffering the epidemics that ravished the city. When these people died, they used to be buried underground, underneath the building. Ever since the ancient hospital was remodelled into the museum that it is today, multiple security guards and workers have mentioned a series of unexplainable events.

Apart from the stories we have talked about in this article, there is some other bloodcurdling events related to some other famous places of the city, like the one that occurred at the church of San Ginés, the one with the monks at the Tirso de Molina underground station or even some others in Plaza Mayor.

If you want to find out about them, there is a wide range of tours that take you to discover Madrid’s most mysterious side.