Nowadays, being able to spend a day outdoors, enjoying the nature, is like a gift. The province of Madrid has beautiful landscapes all year round, but they really shine out in spring and autumn. If you like walking through beech forests, oak groves, hills and rivers, you can’t miss Madrid best forests to get lost in and go hiking.

Montejo beech forest

Montejo beech forest, declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2017, is a scenery of unique beauty. As it is a natural restricted area, the number of daily visits is limited, so you will need to book yours.

The 250 hectares of this natural site are full of beeches that burst with a very special orange color in autumn.

How to get there: Take the M-137 to Montejo de la Sierra.

Rozas de Puerto Real chestnut grove

This forest, in the municipality of Rozas de Puerto Real, receives an endless number of visitors in autumn thanks to the abundant chestnuts, which people pick and roast in the coldest months. An admission fee is charged at this time of year.

It is a wonderful spot to spend a day out with your family or to go hiking almost effortlessly thanks to its large even paths.

How to get there: Follow directions from M-549/Calle Gerona.

Lozoya valley

Situated in the northwest of Madrid, in the Sierra de Guadarrama, this natural spot full of pine trees has become one of the green lungs of the region. It is worth a visit by any nature lover or hiker. Its famous Millenary Yew is a must-see, it is 1,500-2,000 years old!

The place is also a mecca for bird watchers, as it encompasses the Natural Park of Peñalara (officially called in Spanish Parque Natural de la Cumbre, Circo y Lagunas de Peñalara).

How to get there: As it includes 30 villages, the directions will depend on your starting point. If you set off from your apartment at Génova 5, you should follow the A-1 road, take exit 69, towards M-604 and follow directions to Cuestas street, in Lozoya. If you want to see the Millenary Yew, drive to Mataelpino avenue or start your adventure on foot from La Pedriza parking lot.

La Herrería forest

La Herrería forest is one of the most visited woods in Madrid. At the heart of Sierra de Guadarrama, close to San Lorenzo del Escorial, its 479 hectares are peppered with a variety of streams, ash trees, junipers and willows which create a superb landscape.

Just about 2 kilometers from San Lorenzo, you can find the so-called Chair of Philip II, a seat carved into the rock from which the king used to monitor the construction of the monastery.

The forest was declared picturesque landscape in 1961.

How to get there: Take El Escorial/M-505 road to San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

The Finnish forest in Rascafría

Have you ever dreamt of walking around the woods of fairy tales? Then you will love this natural spot! This forest, located in Rascafría, is called “the Finnish forest” due to its resemblance to the Scandinavian landscapes.

Although the forest looks almost magical in autumn, the lake is frozen in winter and the forgotten dock makes an incredibly beautiful picture.

How to get there: It is not a well-known site. Go to the Monastery of El Paular (M-604), park your car there and walk to Puente del Perdón (the Bridge of Forgiveness). Turn left there and a path flanked by poplars will lead you to the forest.