Some of them seem to come straight out of the fairy tales harboured between their walls. Others have a special charm that seems frozen in time. Today, we offer you a selection of the most beautiful bookshops in Madrid to visit from your apartment at Genova 5.

If you are one of those people who still read on paper and you experience an unexplainable pleasure at feeling the touch of the pages, the smell of a new book, or even a second-hand one, or you are just reluctant to use an ebook, you might be interested in checking this list of some bookshops in Madrid.

Librería San Ginés

Right in the centre of the city, on the famous Arenal street, you can find this charming bookshop. On its bookshelves, placed on the street, you can find its speciality, old and second-hand books at affordable prices. Some of them are written in English. This is a place that any lover of classic literature should visit. What are you waiting for?

Librería Bardón

If you are looking for the most beautiful and charming bookshop in Madrid, it is, without a doubt, this one. Its bookshelves are full of the shop’s speciality: first edition printings of books from the 18th and 19th centuries. This is a perfect paradise for collectors and for those who want to feel they are entering a Harry Potter scene. Don’t miss it!


Are you looking for adventure, or are you getting ready for a trip? This big bookshop, located in las Letras neighbourhood, specialises in all kinds of documents related to endless touristic destinations. On its shelves, you can find maps, books about destinations in Spain and abroad, about nature and mountain trips… besides, if you are planning on going on an excursion or you want to go hiking, this bookshop provides information to help you plan a different activity.

Amapolas en Octubre

One of the cosiest bookshops in Madrid. In the centre of Chueca neighbourhood, you can find this lovely bookshop, which was named after a book was written by her owner. Due to its unique charm, it is more than just a bookshop; it is a special place where you can spend a good time between books of all kinds, just as you would do at home. Many Madrid citizens claim that this is a key part of its charm, what makes it a homely and cosy place.

Ocho y medio librería

If you are looking for a unique bookshop, Ocho y medio is, without a doubt, one of the most distinguished in the capital. It is located between several cinemas that are considered cult theatres by the Seventh Art lovers, such as Sala Golem, Renoir Princesa and Renoir Plaza España. On its bookshelves, you can find volumes written in French, Italian, English or Spanish. It also has an extensive collection of DVDs, film posters all kinds of items related to the world of movies, such as T-shirts, calendars, postcards… Of course, we cannot forget an area where you can have a hot coffee while you enjoy your newest purchase.