Travelling to Italy without leaving the city? Now it’s possible!

The Italian cuisine is all over Madrid and the offer is endless. However, the great spreading of this type of food throughout the world has caused the authentic and traditional recipes to be distorted.

The most important thing to enjoy the true Italian essence is the quality of the product and the cuisine.  Therefore, we have created a list of Italian restaurants in Madrid that will transport you to Italy with just one bite. Do you want to try real Italian food? Take note and enjoy these culinary experiences.


This Italian restaurant, located in the district of Salamanca, opened in September last year, but in a short time it has become quite popular and it is advisable to book in advance to ensure a free table.

You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of Rome thanks to the appearance of the terrace and its resemblance to a Lombard palace, the Italian staff and the excellent traditional food they serve.

Its star dish, and the one many people come for, is “Carbomamma”: homemade spaghetti carbonara served on a wheel of Pecorino Borgo Antico cheese. It is a dish for two that leaves no one indifferent, both for its taste and its presentation.

You can live this experience at 39 Velázquez street.


This one belongs to the well-known Gruppo Pulcinella, which has several Italian restaurants in the city (Pulcinella, Ornella, Pummarola, Mazurella and Rigatoni).

Perteneciente al conocido Gruppo Pulcinella, que cuenta con varios restaurantes.

It is an Italian restaurant in Madrid decorated with feminine touches in reference to its name, which could be translated as “Bad woman”. Its cuisine seeks to break the cliché of relating Italian food only to pasta and pizza, offering a wide range of different dishes to surprise you.

It is located at 13 Doctor Esquerdo street.


Fellina was born as a project of Gruppo LeCoco. This restaurant will make you travel to traditional Italy and fall in love with its warm aesthetics and friendly atmosphere.

It has a menu that brings together hundreds of dishes for all tastes, all prepared with the best ingredients. If you want to discover the flavours of Sicily, Rome and Naples, this is undoubtedly the Italian restaurant for you in Madrid.

Taste the authentic essence of Italy at 21 Caracas street.


Gioia combines traditional Piedmontese cuisine with creativity to create incredible dishes. The chef, Davide Bonato, prepares each dish as if it were a jewel in order to offer the best culinary experience to his guests. The dishes are exquisite thanks to the quality of the raw materials, high-quality techniques and the professional experience of the chef.

The speciality of this restaurant are rice dishes, although the entire menu is impressive and worth tasting.

You can try this gem at 23 San Bartolomé street.

If you are a lover of Italian cuisine, you can’t miss these recommendations of Italian restaurants in Madrid, where you can taste the most authentic recipes. All the options are in the city centre, close to our apartments.