Is there a more Spanish word than “tapas”? It doesn’t even translate into other languages, as tapas is something typical Spanish that has won the hearts (and stomachs) of tourists.

Imagine you’re in Madrid on holiday and, after visiting the Retiro Park, the Puerta del Sol and the Santiago Bernabeu, you and your companions are starting to feel hungry. Where can you find a place to have a good quality bite to eat? Listen to the kitchen! In this post we’ll show you some of the best tapas places in Madrid.

1- San Miguel Market

Located near the Plaza Mayor, this market stands out for its historical value and its iron structure. Within the market you’ll find a multitude of food stalls where you can enjoy a wide variety of tapas and wines. It tends to be quite busy, so try not to go at peak times.

Address: Pl. de San Miguel, s/n, 28005 Madrid

2- La Ardosa

The potato tortilla is considered the quintessential Spanish delicacy. In Calle Colón and very close to our flats in Génova 5 you can enjoy one of the best tortillas in Madrid from Doña Concha, who makes them every day following the traditional recipe and adding an extra dose of love.

Address: C. de Colón, 13, 28004 Madrid

Address: Calle de Sta Engracia, 70, 28010 Madrid

3- El Abuelo

If you love prawns, you can’t leave Madrid without visiting this wonderful place on Calle de la Victoria. Dating back to post-war times, this bar has been dedicated to serving prawns in their different versions: grilled, with garlic, in a gabardine sauce… If you’re looking for originality and a charming place, don’t hesitate to stop by El Abuelo and have some prawns accompanied by a good beer.

Address: C. de la Victoria, 12, 28012 Madrid

4- Los Torreznos

There are three places that fill up every day with people wanting to eat some good torreznos. One of them is on Calle de Goya, another on Calle López de Hoyos and the last one on Calle Alonso Cano. Here you can enjoy torreznos cooked in the Castilian style and with great care. You can combine them with a cold beer or with some ‘patatas revolconas’. You’ll become an instant torrezno lover.

Address: Calle de Goya, 88, 28009 Madrid

Address: C. de Alonso Cano, 69, 28003 Madrid

Address: C/ de Fernán González, 47, 28009 Madrid

5- Casa Alberto

If there is one thing Madrid’s gastronomy is famous for, it is its Madrid-style tripe. At Casa Alberto they have been perfecting the traditional recipe for almost 200 years: seasoning, chorizo and ham, and slow cooking so that the tripe absorbs all the flavour. A traditional place to enjoy a traditional tapa.

If you consider yourself a lover of Spanish gastronomy, remember that staying in our flats you will have everything at hand to enjoy the best tapas in town. Enjoy!

Address: C. de las Huertas, 18, 28012 Madrid