You don’t have to travel all the way up to Japan to enjoy the best sushi. In fact, Madrid has a wide range of restaurants with chefs specialised in Japanese gastronomy.

We at Génova 5 have compiled a list of the best sushi restaurants in Madrid for the most demanding palates. Don’t miss out on any of them.

Miss Sushi

A chic and cosmopolitan restaurant right in the centre of Madrid where you can enjoy good sushi. The menu offers more than 80 unique dishes. Fresh and quality products make all the difference in their menu.

If you prefer to relax and enjoy your meal in our flats, Miss Sushi also has a home delivery service.

Address: Calle Hortaleza, 108 (28004)

Telephone: +34 912 307 151

99 Sushi Bar

This restaurant covers everything from the most classic to the most avant-garde dishes. A place to discover the flavours and textures of Japanese haute cuisine. Its dishes are bound to surprise you.

The restaurant belongs to the Bambú Business Group and has three locations in Madrid, as well as others all over the world: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Rabat…

Address: Calle Hermosilla, 4 (28001)

Telephone: +34 914 312 715


Are you looking for the best Asian restaurant in Madrid? This is the place for traditional Japanese cuisine lovers.

The restaurant does not have a set menu, but offers a tasting menu or omakase, of between 15 and 20 dishes specially chosen by the chef. You can choose from the Mario (79€) or Super Mario (82€) menu, depending on how much food you want to eat.

The chef, Mario Payán, prepares all the dishes live and explains every single detail of his dishes to the diners. In short, it’s a culinary spectacle not to be missed.

Address: Calle de Bretón de los Herreros, 54 (28003)

Telephone: +34 910 420 066


Its renowned chef, Yong Wu Nagahira, fuses Japanese, French and Spanish cuisine, giving his personal touch to all the recipes. Enjoy an explosion of flavours for your palate.

There are two menu options. A tasting menu, the best option if you want to try a bit of everything. Then there is the Omakase menu, designed for customers who prefer to be guided by the chef’s suggestions.

Address: Calle de la Flor Baja, 5 (28013)

Telephone: +34 916 226 374

Yugo the Bunker

This restaurant which has been awarded a Michelin Star since 2019 is a mandatory visit for any sushi lover.

The restaurant is clearly divided into two areas: the upper part will transport you to a traditional Izabaya tavern, while the lower part recreates the setting of a World War II Japanese bunker.

They offer two tasting menus, Naked and Roots, which have made this restaurant a success.

Address: Calle de San Blas, 4, (28014)

Telephone: +34 914 449 034


This is just a short list of recommendations for the best sushi restaurants in Madrid, but the capital has so much more to offer. Would you like to try any of them?